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How to Find Your Soul Mate

It’s only when we take 100% responsibility and own our creations that we have the ability to create a better life, including finding our ideal partner. Ilona explainshow to break through negative thought patterns that are holding you back from experiencing true love.

Out-of-Body Sex

It is not the actual sexual interaction that matters but rather the intensity with which we feel that interaction. The sizzle is what matters. You can make love with someone without being in the same bed, without getting naked, Ilona says. She discusses how to experience a “crescendo of union” that touches both of your souls to the deepest core.

Manifesting Made Easy

Many people have heard the ancient teachings that thought creates reality, but the desired results don’t happen just from reading a book. People need practical steps to learn how to manifest their ideal life. Ilona explains why we need to see or feel our way to the desired outcome.

Manifesting Money Out of Air

It’s not new knowledge that thoughts create our reality, but active belief in this and daily practice to achieve desired outcomes is what creates tangible results. Choose a specific amount of money and use these focused manifestation techniques to see and feel your way to that reality.

Living In a Holographic Universe

The universe responds to our consciousness. It’s interactive, much like the holodeck in Star Trek. Ilona tells how we can pre-create success by regularly and persistently imagining ourselves existing in a successful future.

Break Your Weight-Loss Barrier

Learn how affecting a change in your inner world can create changes in your body. Choose your goals, such as looking attractive, feeling and being fit or having endurance. Focused meditation every morning and evening can create the reality you wish to embody.

Healing Through Imagery

By creating a feeling and a mental image that represents the fulfilled feeling of achieving your goals, you can create a blueprint for your health. Ilona explains.

How to Create Miracles

The universe is listening and you can be a co-creative force for change in your life and on this planet. Ilona tells how to create your own personal “heaven on Earth” to become an agent for change in your own life and beyond.
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